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Bad Eating Habits

Healthy Food vs. Unhealthy Food

Healthy Food vs. Unhealthy Food

Everybody has bad habits, and especially when it comes to eating.  The question is how much you really care to change?

It’s no secret that I love to eat.  I am borderline hypertension so it puts a blemish on my choice of food.   Fried foods, in particular.  But, here’s the thing: bad eating habits make you fat, sluggish and generally unhealthy.  I don’t want that for myself nor do I want that for you.  So, I encourage you to make healthy food choices.

Here are some tips to get results:

  • Drink more water
  • Choose low sodium seasonings (e.g., Mrs. Dash),
  • Broil or bake your food,
  • Skim off excess fat,
  • Add more fruits and veggies,
  • Don’t skip meals, and
  • Stay away from cookies, pastries and candy.

Most of you know what’s right and wrong, so stop eating what’s wrong.  Some of you will care enough to completely change your eating habits.  In fact, you’ll care so much that you will radically change both the quality and quantity of the foods you eat daily.

So, how much do you really care?

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