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Yoga at Home

Practicing YogaOf all the latest trends in diet and exercise, Yoga seems to be among the best practices to burn fat, as well as promote overall mental and physical health.  Having been an athlete, I completely understand the importance of strength and flexibility.  The practice of Yoga; however, is a new experience to me.  I have a number of friends (male & female) who swear by Yoga suggesting it not only helps you be flexible, it strengthens your muscles and also helps you lose weight.

I am researching my plan to incorporate Yoga or Pilates into my fitness routine.  So far, so good.  Most local gyms offer Yoga classes open to people of all ages and fitness levels.  Maybe you’re interested in Yoga, but can’t find time to make a class.  Or, would prefer doing Yoga at home rather than at a health club/gym.  In any case, here is a good site with free yoga videos.

Yoga is beautiful.  But, make no mistake, Yoga isn’t an “easy,” “girly” “sport.”  It isn’t just stretching.  It’s tough.  It’s breathing through that moment of tightness. It’s taking the initial step and getting to the mat.  Some of you will care so much that you’ll try some Yoga and Pilates techniques.  You’ll care so much that you’ll even try to encourage some of your own friends, family and associates to “get into” Yoga as well.

So, how much do you really care?

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Bad Eating Habits

Healthy Food vs. Unhealthy Food

Healthy Food vs. Unhealthy Food

Everybody has bad habits, and especially when it comes to eating.  The question is how much you really care to change?

It’s no secret that I love to eat.  I am borderline hypertension so it puts a blemish on my choice of food.   Fried foods, in particular.  But, here’s the thing: bad eating habits make you fat, sluggish and generally unhealthy.  I don’t want that for myself nor do I want that for you.  So, I encourage you to make healthy food choices.

Here are some tips to get results:

  • Drink more water
  • Choose low sodium seasonings (e.g., Mrs. Dash),
  • Broil or bake your food,
  • Skim off excess fat,
  • Add more fruits and veggies,
  • Don’t skip meals, and
  • Stay away from cookies, pastries and candy.

Most of you know what’s right and wrong, so stop eating what’s wrong.  Some of you will care enough to completely change your eating habits.  In fact, you’ll care so much that you will radically change both the quality and quantity of the foods you eat daily.

So, how much do you really care?

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Anti-Cellulite Exercise Routine

Do you hate the thought of having to have plastic surgery for something so commonly found in women as cellulite?  Do you wonder why it is that no one seems to know what causes cellulite, but everyone seems to have a cure-all solution for it?

Are you sick and tired of all of the hype and just want a solid regimen to follow to help you in your struggle with eliminating cellulite in your body at its source?  Well, there is evidence that suggests that with attention to diet, exercise and a dose of diligence, you can rid yourself of the unattractive dimples, shadows and saggy ripples known as cellulite.

Anti-Cellulite Workout

Working out offers a two-part solution; more muscles and less fat because cellulite is a two-part problem — too little muscle and too much fat. Cellulite is a terrible condition that affects so many, especially women.

Foot ActionIf you are looking to fight cellulite like so many other people in the world today, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to look any further than within yourself for the real answer.  Thanks to the great “Get Your BOOTY In Shape” diet plan and workout routines provided by my friend Kyra, The Get In Shape Girl; you can slim down and firm up with these proven exercises designed to help burn calories, banish cellulite, and lose weight. Continue reading

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Imperfection is Beauty

In Exercise and Cellulite we defined cellulite as nothing more than a collection of fat, water and wastes that concentrate in certain parts of a person’s body.

Medical doctors, scientists, and other professionals state that, “… fat underneath the skin is deposited in fat cells… These fat cells are interspersed with non-fat, connective tissue cells.  All the cells in the fatty tissue are surrounded by a matrix composed principally of collagen protein.”  On and On and On…

Big deal.  That textbookish-sounding definition has no impact at all for people who aren’t afflicted with the condition.  If you’re one of the 10% of men or one of the 80-90% of women in the western world who discovers that you’ve got cellulite, the term and definition take on a very real meaning.  Continue reading

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Middle Age Weekend Warrior

So, I turned 40 a while ago.  Fortunately, I don’t look my age whatever that looks like.  I’m often told I look somewhere between the ages of 25 and 32.  Shoot, I’ll take it.  I feel young at heart and in my mind too.

The reality is our bodies do change as we get older regardless of how young we may feel. We lose lean tissue, our bodies become less physiologically efficient, reaction time decreases, blah, blah, blah… And, don’t I know it?!  It just seems like my mind hasn’t caught up with my body if you know what I mean.

MRI, Surgery and Recovery

That pretty much sums up the big four-oh for me.  On Saturday, March 9th, I suffered a torn Achilles tendon in my left leg playing basketball.  Nothing fancy either, just a regular dribble move trying to get to the basket when I heard something pop.  It seriously felt like somebody kicked me.  I fell down and looked around, but didn’t see anybody close to me.

Leaving the ERWhen I stood up I could barely walk.  My heel was numb and I could not push myself forward nor stand on my tip toes. I gathered my things, hobbled to the car and drove back home dealing with the pain the best I could.

I applied some ice as soon as I got home and Tracy (my fiancée) eventually took me to the emergency room.  They took some X-Rays, put me in a splint, gave me some pain killers and sent me home with a recommendation to see a specialist as soon as possible. Continue reading

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Weight Loss with Long Term Results

The thing to remember when it comes to losing weight, and keeping it off, is paying attention to the way you live (your lifestyle and health habits).  It’s important to follow a healthier diet plan, but to also start exercising more.  Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make small changes in your eating habits and lifestyle, and you will see results over a long period of time.

I understand wanting to lose weight fast but, keep in mind, it’s not healthy to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.  If you stick to short-term diet plans, you will end up weight cycling (aka, “yo-yo dieting”).  You will lose weight and find yourself gaining it right back just as soon as you are off the diet. Continue reading

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Your chances of developing health problems are significantly increased if you are too overweight, or too thin.  Unfortunately, being overweight is common in the United States. And, it is linked with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers, and numerous other illnesses.

Being too thin, on the other hand, is a less common problem.  It’s typically associated with anorexia and has been linked to osteoporosis in women. Being too thin also increases the risk for early death in many people.

Recommendations from dietary guidelines suggest to eat in moderation; avoiding extremes in diet.  Eating too much or eating too little can both be harmful to your health.  So, be cautious of diets based on beliefs that a single food or supplement is the way to go when it comes to losing weight. Continue reading

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