It’s About Self-Care

The question you need to ask yourself as you wonder, “Is it really worth it to exercise and eat healthy?” is “Do I love myself enough to make the changes necessary to feel better and have a better life?”

The key to self-care is just that, care about yourself.  If you care enough to get rid of cellulite or to lose weight, you’ll make some radical changes in your personal life.  If you don’t care enough, you won’t change ENOUGH and neither will your cellulite or weight loss problem!

So, ask yourself, “Do I Care Enough?”  And, if you do, why?

  1. Is it because you want to wear a swimsuit without being embarrassed?
  2. Is it because you want your body to appear perfect instead of flawed?
  3. Is it because you’re insecure enough to let this “physical thing” bother you?
  4. Is it because you have a self-image that’s “young” and cellulite is “old”?
  5. Is it because you’re a competitive person who wants to be as attractive as other men or women?
  6. Is it because you want to be the best you that you can be?
  7. *
  8. *

Admittedly, I have come to understand that my weight is a direct barometer of my happiness. Whenever I start to put on the pounds, I immediately re-focus on my methods for healthy weight loss before my weight gets out of control.

Whatever your reason; whether it is “sick” or “pure”, it’s yours.  I only hope that it is a good enough one to enable you to care enough to implement and continue with your weight loss program.

Take care of yourself.  If you want to be healthy, make healthier choices. Be mindful of what you put into your body.  Increase your fruit and vegetable intake, adopt a regular exercise routine and cut out processed food.  Make positive changes in your life and shed the excuses.

* Write in your own reason(s).

To your health,


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