Do You Care Enough?

If you care enough about getting rid of Cellulite, you’ll make some radical changes in your personal life.  If you don’t care enough about your Cellulite, you won’t change ENOUGH and neither will your Cellulite problem!

Please take a moment and reread that statement.  I want so much to help you conquer your Cellulite; and yet there’s no way this will happen unless you can accept the concept that is stated above.  You must accept that statement intellectually and psychologically.

You must either accept this statement or accept your Cellulite.  Every time you see or touch those parts of your body afflicted with Cellulite you must realize that you’re either allowing it to remain or you’re getting rid of it.

Most of you are familiar with weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss and Jenny Craig.  In fact, you probably know of someone who tried all kinds of diets, worried and complained about their weight problem, kept buying bigger clothes, may have been asked the humiliating question, “are you pregnant”, or looked like her husband’s mother instead of his lover and wife.  But, she still couldn’t get herself together enough to lose weight.

Then she enrolled in a program and like magic, the pounds started coming off!  I’m not knocking any of these weight loss programs; they obviously fill a need.  That need is primarily a psychological one though; not physical.  Doctors give out diets that are just as good, but the peer pressure and other motivational techniques they employ are what enables these otherwise chronically overweight people to lose weight.

Now, let me be straight with you.  There is no internationally organized group which meets weekly to assist you in getting rid of Cellulite.  If you need that kind of thing psychologically, then that’s too bad, because you might as well forget it.  But, if you have the psychological strength to accept your Cellulite problem as one you will have to deal with –alone–then you’re on your way.  The burden of success or failure in the control of Cellulite lies with you.  So, the question is, DO YOU CARE ENOUGH to do something about it?

Dare to Care,



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