Yes, Men Wrap Too

Yes, men use body wraps too!  Don’t look so surprised.  Men like to take care of their body’s and look their best, just like women do.  Alright, so maybe not as much, but they still care enough to not be embarrassed to throw on a body wrap.

Why do men wrap?

Check out Jay Davidson's result (fellow distributor). After 11 wraps, strict dieting, and working out five days a week, this is his result.

Check out Jay Davidson’s result (fellow distributor). After 11 wraps, strict dieting, and working out five days a week, this is his result.

From the average guy who simply wants to feel good being shirtless to the ripped dude who wants to emphasize muscle striations, the Ultimate Body Applicator is for you – and for any man who wants to feel confident with his own physique.  The body applicator is formulated specifically to help define torso muscles and enhance inch loss from male problem areas.

Want to define your torso?  The It Works body wraps for men can help!  Lose the spare tire, love handles, tighten the tummy and minimize those man boobs with a simple treatment that you can do at home in under an hour.   Need quick results; you’ve come to the right place:

  • Slim down that beer gut.
  • Tone up loose and saggy skin.
  • Have a four pack?  Find that six or eight pack that’s been hiding!
  • Feel 25, but your face is telling a different story? Our facial applicator will make you look years younger.
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks – yes, men get stretch marks too!

Every day more men are jumping on the wrap wagon. If you’re looking to change your life physically, I invite you to get more body wrap information, grab a copy of the body wrap instructions and watch a 3 minute video demonstration of how easy it is to apply the body wrap to the areas you’d like to target.

We also have dietary supplements that will help to enhance your workouts and further tone and define the body that you already have or get you the body that you want.  If you’re interested in trying the It Works wraps, or you want to learn more about the dozens of other It Works products, just click here.

To your health,


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