Cellulite Analysis and Diagnosis

Cellulite is easily detected because of its unusually distinct characteristics. The most frequently used descriptive phrase when describing soft cellulite is that the skin in the afflicted area resembles either the rippled texture of an orange peel or the lumpy texture of cottage cheese.  Certainly, neither of these conditions are attractive nor are they normal.

Analysis and Diagnosis

Cellulite Pinch TestIf you suspect that you have cellulite, you can diagnose it yourself; easily and quickly.  Go to a well-lighted area, preferably with a large mirror.  Using the thumb and forefinger of either one or both hands, press or squeeze the flesh in one or more of the susceptible areas of your body.  The pressure you apply to this area may cause a slightly painful sensation; a feeling not present in non-cellulite areas.

Another revealing cellulite test that you can use is to stand on your tiptoes in front of a mirror and look at the entire front thigh area.  If you have a solid cellulite problem, your legs may appear firm and trim.  A closer inspection reveals a dimpled, unsmooth quality beneath the surface.  When heavy pressure is applied to this area with the pads of the fingers or your palms you may feel hard, fatty deposits just below the surface of the skin.

A third area of concern, especially for women afflicted with cellulite is the saddlebags condition.  This problem area is located in the upper-outer thigh area.  Muscle tone is difficult to maintain in this area of the body.  As a result, the muscles in this outer-thigh area tend to get flabby and misshapen.  Many women, young and old, are afflicted by this condition.  Women who sit a great deal, such as secretaries and students, are prime candidates for this problem — regardless of age.

Saddlebags TestThis problem is easy to diagnose.  Just put on a tight pair of jeans or slacks.  If there is unsightly bulge instead of a trim line from waist to knee, you have a saddlebag problem.  If this saddlebag configuration is not dealt with specifically, it will continue to worsen.  Hard work can attest and improve this condition.  I KNOW BECAUSE I’VE SEEN IT DONE!!!

Cellulite Solutions

Cellulite can be a real bear to get rid of.  But, this exercise plan and toning movements will help minimize its lumpy, bumpy appearance.  You may also want to try products like the It Works Body Wrap to tighten and firm up problem areas.

To your health,


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