Middle Age Weekend Warrior

So, I turned 40 a while ago.  Fortunately, I don’t look my age whatever that looks like.  I’m often told I look somewhere between the ages of 25 and 32.  Shoot, I’ll take it.  I feel young at heart and in my mind too.

The reality is our bodies do change as we get older regardless of how young we may feel. We lose lean tissue, our bodies become less physiologically efficient, reaction time decreases, blah, blah, blah… And, don’t I know it?!  It just seems like my mind hasn’t caught up with my body if you know what I mean.

MRI, Surgery and Recovery

That pretty much sums up the big four-oh for me.  On Saturday, March 9th, I suffered a torn Achilles tendon in my left leg playing basketball.  Nothing fancy either, just a regular dribble move trying to get to the basket when I heard something pop.  It seriously felt like somebody kicked me.  I fell down and looked around, but didn’t see anybody close to me.

Leaving the ERWhen I stood up I could barely walk.  My heel was numb and I could not push myself forward nor stand on my tip toes. I gathered my things, hobbled to the car and drove back home dealing with the pain the best I could.

I applied some ice as soon as I got home and Tracy (my fiancée) eventually took me to the emergency room.  They took some X-Rays, put me in a splint, gave me some pain killers and sent me home with a recommendation to see a specialist as soon as possible.

Early Monday, I went to see the Orthopedist and after performing a simple Thompson test and MRI he immediately diagnosed Achilles tendon rupture and scheduled surgery for the 13th (4 days after the injury).

Later that day leading up to the surgery I started reading about Achilles tendon fractures to familiarize myself with the problem and the possible treatments. One of the best articles I read mentions the “middle age weekend warrior” playing tennis or basketball as the most at risk group.

My doctor told me that it could be around three months before I was able to start walking, maybe six months to walk more or less normally, and about a year to return to regular sports activities.  Actually, amongst other things, that depends on how old or how fit you are, and how disciplined you are during the physical therapy stage.

I couldn’t believe it and just when I was getting back into a regular routine.  I had been lifting weights and playing basketball was good for cardio.  I went from being active to being sedentary in no time, which was a big concern for me.

Physical therapy, at least, feels like you’re doing something but what is something that someone in my situation can do to continue losing weight and to make the most out of the exercise you DO get?

Weight Loss with It Works

A friend introduced me to It Works! Global, which specializes in body slimming, nutritional supplements, and skin care products.  After doing some research I decided to give it a try.  My friend saw results so I thought why not?

And, check this out; the beginning of May I was 202 lbs including the cast on my leg however much that was.  I eventually signed up as a distributor and started using these products:

  • Greens: helps to detoxify, alkalize the body, and balance your immune system.
  • Ultimate Thermofit: helps suppress appetite and increases metabolism so you burn more calories.
  • Fat Fighter:  helps absorb 30% less fats and carbs from the foods you eat so your body doesn’t.

By the end of May I was 188 (down 14 lbs).  I’m now 4 months post-op and have since been cleared to start working out again with some limitations (e.g., no heavy weights, jumping or running).  Although limited, I will continue using the products to supplement my nutrition and weight loss goals.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these items, or you want to see the dozens of other It Works products, just click here!

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