Exercise and Cellulite

Cellulite220x220Cellulite is a collection of fat, water and waste that concentrates in certain parts of a person’s body causing lumps, bulges or ripples.  In women, cellulite commonly appears around the hips, thighs and backside.  In men, cellulite appears most often around the waist and abdomen.

There are a lot of reasons why cellulite is said to appear on your body.  Hormonal reasons, poor diet and lifestyle choices, age and genetic predisposition just to name a few.  Reducing body fat through a healthy diet and consistent exercise are surefire ways to help get your cellulite condition under control.

Cellulite is a very special kind of affliction that isolates itself in certain spots, more so, in a woman’s body.  It is something you can see and touch.  And, its presence has many women feeling unattractive and depressed about the way they look.

Listen, you ARE more beautiful than you think.  And, not because I said so but because God made you.  In my opinion, a person (man or woman) who looks and feels their best–emotionally and physically–is a proud, strong person.  And, that is what I wish for you who read this post.

If you have cellulite, are overweight, or out of shape, you can slim down and diminish cellulite with exercise and healthy eating.  Many people also use It Works! Body Wraps to give themselves a “boost” when starting a diet and exercise program – it provides them with the motivation they need to “stick with it.”

As a supplement to an otherwise healthy balanced diet with regular exercise, the body wraps help to improve skin and muscle tone.  Staying hydrated and avoiding a high-carbohydrate diet also can help.

There is no magic or trick to it; just discipline and determination.  If you are a strong enough and persistent enough, you will reduce the appearance of cellulite.  You will look and feel better, as well as stronger.

To your health.


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